Become a PalliHub Partner

Become a PalliHub Paid Partner

Why become a Pallihub Paid Partner?

PalliHub is Australia’s first and only community hub that is dedicated to the Palliative Care workforce.

PalliHub currently has over 600 members and the online community continues to grow each week. PalliHub members represent a diverse cross-section of the palliative care industry, with different skills, backgrounds, and life experiences. 

PalliHub is FREE to join and PalliHub members can post events and contribute to discussions at no cost. Members are able to connect with each other and hold discussions in a safe environment.

Pricing Plans

  • 1 month       $500          (approx.   4,700 emails)
  • 3 months     $1250        (approx. 14,000 emails)
  • 6 months     $2000        (approx. 28,000 emails)
  • 12 months   $3500     (approx. 56,000 emails)
    *Approximate figures based on the period July 2022 to December 2022. The approximate figures will increase as PalliHub continues to grow.

PalliHub is limited to 3 Paid Partners per month. Reserve your spot now. 

PalliHub reserves the right to refuse to promote material or services that do not reflect its Mission, Visions and Values.
As a PalliHub Paid Partner, you can be subscribed to the daily and weekly digest so you can see your partnership messages in action. Paid Partners can also enter their organisation details into the Community Professional Directory at no extra cost.

Become a PalliHub Paid Partner

If you’d like to secure your place as a PalliHub Paid Partner, please drop us an e-mail to confirm next steps.

What does a PalliHub Paid Partner receive?

PalliHub Paid Partner’s receive advertising space on PalliHub digest emails, which are sent to all members on a daily basis (during periods of activity). The digest email summarises all of the activity within PalliHub each day to update members on what they may have missed. Members can also elect to receive a weekly consolidated digest. 

During the period from July 2022 to December 2022, PalliHub sent out an average of ~4700 digests emails to members per month. 
PalliHub’s marketing video has also been viewed over 15,000 times.

Your PalliHub Paid Partnership Includes:

Daily/Weekly Digest Sponsorship

  • Banner 800px by 300px
  • Website Link

Plus a digest post with 

  • Heading
  • Sub-heading
  • Text – up to 100 words
  • Heading
  • Sub-heading
  • Text – up to 100 words

Benefits to You:

  • Increase your customer reach.
  • Build awareness for your brand.
  • Promote your product and services.
  • Communicate info about your business.
  • Increase traffic on your website.